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For what reason does it take such a long time for K-pop gathering individuals to set out alone?

The news that Nayeon of K-pop young lady bunch TWICE will make her performance debut with the EP, “IM NAYEON,” on June 24, zapped her fans around the world. And yet, many asked why it has required almost seven years for this skilled artist to go it alone after she appeared as a feature of TWICE in 2015.

Nayeon isn’t the only one in that frame of mind of apparently late performance debuts. D.O. of K-pop titan EXO carried out his most memorable independent little collection, “Sympathy,” in 2021, around nine years after his gathering debut in 2012, while his bandmates, Kai and Baekhyun, went it alone in 2020 and in 2019, individually. A few stars set out on performance vocations in the wake of stopping their gathering exercises, as proven by the instances of GFriend’s Yerin and Lovelyz’s Baby Soul, who is currently known as Lee Su-jeong. It required seven to eight years for the two of them to make a big appearance as soloists.

Fans are anxious to see their vocalists chasing after a soloist vocation, as they frequently carry their neglected sides to the front and take a more exploratory course in their performance discharges. A ton of them assume a more dynamic part in creating their collections too, offering a slip look into the music styles they like without confronting the need to suit the palates of other bandmates.

In any case, K-pop record marks are probably not going to propel the dates of their performance debuts, as per music pundit Jung Min-jae.

“For some marks, delivering an independent collection for each gathering part isn’t their most pressing undertaking,” Jung told The Korea Times, Thursday.

“The outstanding development of K-pop’s worldwide being a fan has expanded the life expectancy of most K-pop gatherings throughout recent years. Getting by for more than seven or eight years was an overwhelming mission for them before, yet today, most of them can appreciate fame for over 10 years because of their strong global being a fan and the broadening of stages where they can feature their music and content. So K-pop administration organizations, which frequently put more accentuation on bunch exercises, look to capitalize on this.”

The way that a gathering ensures more steady benefits than a soloist is clear to such an extent that barely any organizations these days are energetic about appearing soloists all along.

Albeit some K-pop gathering individuals, as Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, Taemin of SHINee and Baekhyun of EXO, have effectively situated them as soloists, they are a couple of excellent cases. Baekhyun, for example, turned into the primary vocalist to sell more than 1,000,000 duplicates of actual collections both as a soloist and as a component of a gathering, since Seo Taiji of musical gang Seo Taiji and Boys pulled off a similar accomplishment in 2000.

Nayeon of K-pop young lady bunch TWICE/Courtesy of JYP Entertainment
Baekhyun of K-pop kid bunch EXO/Courtesy of SM Entertainment
“Regardless of whether K-pop marks concoct a fair independent material for a famous gathering part, this doesn’t promise them achievement in light of the fact that not all aficionados of the gathering will give steady help to that part,” Jung made sense of, adding that delivering an independent collection expects undeniably more strategies and energy also.

“While sending off a gathering, a name can consolidate various individuals with various skills to engage individuals, yet with regards to an independent craftsman, the person ought to be an all-rounder exceling in both singing and moving,” he noted. “This makes it more hard for an organization to settle on the tunes to incorporate and which idea to attempt.”

However, a few marks have opposed the continuous pattern. One of them is YG Entertainment, home to A-listers like BLACKPINK and BIGBANG. BLACKPINK’s Jennie, for example, made her performance debut with the single, “Solo” in 2018, around two years after her gathering debut. Jung made sense of that not at all like its opponents, YG has for some time been fixating on building serious areas of strength for a brand for every part in a gathering.

“From BIGBANG to BLACKPINK, YG has endeavored to mark every part particularly in the field of style,” he said. “It has teamed up with an assortment of brands like Celine and numerous YG artists turned into the envoys for these brands. On account of BLACKPINK, YG’s work has driven all individuals to lay out a devoted fan base as an individual, permitting them to go it alone quicker than other K-pop stars.”

Yet, most other K-pop vocalists will fashion their soloist professions numerous years after their gathering debut, Jung anticipated.

“Young lady bunch IVE, for instance, is hitting high notes nowadays, however its administration organization Starship Entertainment is probably not going to have a portion of its individuals discharge their independent collections inside a few years … truth be told, it is much of the time more trying for a young lady bunch part to go it alone contrasted with a teen pop band part, as a kid bunch typically have all the more impressive fandoms that will uphold its individuals.”

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