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‘Is Homeplus Open?’ site transforms one-note joke into noble cause

By Jon Dunbar

The designer of ishomeplusopen.com, a solitary reason however some of the time lifesaving site, has uncovered his character, astounding even a portion of his companions, in a declaration the site was adding another component supporting causes.

“I wasn’t attempting to stay quiet about it,” its maker, Jake Kwon, told The Korea Times. “There haven’t been numerous chances to bring it up. I assumed if anybody was interested, they would email me and inquire. Up until this point nobody did.”

Kwon, who functions as a maker for CNN based at the organization’s Seoul department, sent off the site in January 2016 and began advancing it Feb. 1 that year, because of dissatisfactions recalling the working long stretches of Homeplus, a significant retail location network, as well as its neighborhood rivals Lotte Mart and E-store in addition to the U.S.- settled Costco.

As per a regulation passed a couple of months sooner, the hypermarkets should shut down for two days every month, as a component of an administration work to permit more modest organizations and conventional business sectors a greater amount of a potential chance to sell their administrations and items. The two picked dates are the second and fourth Sunday of every month in many areas, yet not all. For some shoppers, the law can be a genuine cerebral pain in light of the fact that the closure dates aren’t really natural.
The ‘Is Homeplus Open?’ site shows that Homeplus, as well as Lotte Mart, E-store and Costco, is open at the time the picture was made. /Screengrab from Is Homeplus Open?
Jake Kwon/Courtesy of Jake KwonKwon made sense of why the site address namedrops just the previous Samsung auxiliary, saying the nearest such store to his house is a Homeplus. In his web-based declaration, he said he frequently strolled 20 minutes to the store, just to figure out it was one of the Sundays when it shut down. To assist him with sorting it out, and to rehearse his HTML coding, he made the site.

Be that as it may, the webpage took off, as individuals truly were checking on the web whether the stores were open. Kwon says the site has since gotten more than 157,000 clients and 345,000 visits. Last month alone, he got 4,700 visits.

Initially it was planned as a discussion piece, a “little dissent illegal that made me walk a few hours altogether for a shut down store” or a joke. Kwon refered to comparable one-note joke locales like “Is Jonah Hill Fat?” and “Is Gucci Mane in Jail?” as motivation, where the joke is in opening a site just to get a basic yes/no response.

The site is moderate in plan and capacity, as it does what it expresses directly in the URL: answer whether Homeplus is open. Guests to the site get an all-covers “YES” or “NO” reply, contingent upon the status at the hour of checking.

Further down, there is likewise a clock showing how long until they next open or close, and underneath that it likewise demonstrates whether the stores will be open the next Sunday. At the actual lower part of the page, he records a few other retail locations outside Seoul that have significantly more sporadic working hours, with some shutting down at 11 p.m., a few shut on Wednesdays and some with much more unpredictable hours.

Be that as it may, there’s another component now, which Kwon ended his quietness to report to the world: presently, guests see a brief requesting that they support a cause, trailed by two haphazardly chosen magnanimous associations from a rundown chose by Kwon. The associations incorporate Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association (KUMFA), Korea Legacy Committee for Elderly and Migrants Trade Union. There were eight at the hour of interview, in spite of the fact that Kwon communicated interest in expanding the rundown.

The ‘Is Homeplus Open?’ site shows that Homeplus, as well as Lotte Mart, E-store and Costco, is open at the time the picture was made. /Screengrab from Is Homeplus Open?
Another brief on the “Is Homeplus Open?” site suggests two haphazardly chosen foundation for clients to think about supporting/Screengrab from Is Homeplus Open?

“In the event that this site saved [users] 30 minutes or hours as it accomplished for me, maybe they will be leaned to give a couple of dollars or won to help other people. On the off chance that a couple of those 4,000 guests give every month, it very well may be useful,” Kwon said. “I couldn’t say whether this will end up being significant yet ideally an apparently senseless thought will demonstrate helpful for somebody in the future.”

Visit ishomeplusopen.com to check whether Homeplus (as well as E-shop, Lotte Mart and Costco) is open in Korea at the present time.

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